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 New Town in Asha'Man: Sylphirya

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New Town in Asha'Man: Sylphirya Empty
PostSubject: New Town in Asha'Man: Sylphirya   New Town in Asha'Man: Sylphirya Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 10:45 am

~ After he was informed of everything that had transpiring since he was gone, Braal decided to give new instructions to Loreileď and Sharky.~

''I want both of you to build a new town in this place where will stand my great palace.''

~Would instruct Braal as he glared at them.~

''As you wish, Master. Just give us the plans and we'll do our best to build that city of yours.''

~Would say Loreileď, always ready to fulfill her master's wishes.~

''Very well, here they are and this town should be known as Sylphyria.''

~Would declare the Prime Demon quietly before to go to Savage where Daliath was busily active. Sharky and Loreileď started to build the town before to hire men to help them in their huge colossal task.~

I'll see you in the Sanctuary of Chaos.
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New Town in Asha'Man: Sylphirya
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