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Character Info.
Name: Dalamar the Dark
Race: Elf
Age: Unknown

Dalamar Empty
PostSubject: Dalamar   Dalamar Icon_minitimeThu Dec 27, 2007 7:48 pm

Name: Dalamar Argent

Dalamar the Dark
Dalamar Nightson
Dalamar of Tarsis
Dalamar Majere

Race: Elf

D.O.B: ?

Age: ?

Ailments: None

Disabilities: None


Dalamar Argent, now known as Dalamar the Dark, is one of the most powerful wizards alive. Once considered a True Elf, he was branded a "Dark Elf" for his persuit of the Forbidden Magics. Dalamar learned from the Infamous Alhana Starbreeze, and, for a brief time, ruled as Head of the Conclave. After the Infamous war of Souls, Dalamar was asked, by Jenna, to remain at the Tower of Wayreth and watch over its valuables, where he yet remains to this day.
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