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 Recruitment & Info.

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PostSubject: Recruitment & Info.   Recruitment & Info. Icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2007 7:51 pm

The Privaron Espada, or "Ten Fallen Blades," is one of the most powerful Houses is Existence, and spans more than thirty Realms. Funded by Sethra Lavode ((known as Aoi Yamada in the Privaron Espada)), the House is perhaps also the richest.
As of three years ago, The Privaron Espada left Argentum in favor of Amiora, but returned when the land faced detruction from within. Upon their return, the House brought no members, save those who remained in Argentum: Sethra and Lucia.
Led by Hisagi Shuuhei, The Privaron Espada are former Members of the Special Task Force, also called Special Ops., who were retired for one reason or another.


The Privaron-
Leaders of The Privaron Espada, given ranks 1-10, with one being Shuuhei, two Lucia, and Three Sethra. The ranks not only indicate power, but also fighting skilles.

The Espada-
Basic members of the House, given rank from 11-99. 11 being the oldest member, 99 the youngest. Members ranks 2-10 are subservient to Privaron rank 1, 11-20 are subservient to Privaron rank 2, 21-30 to Privaron rank 3, 31-40 to Privaron rank 4, 41-50 to Privaron rank 5, 51-60 to Privaron rank 6, 61 -70 to Privaron rank 7, 71 - 80 to Privaron rank 8, 81-90 to Privaron rank 9, and 91 - 99 to Privaron rank 10.
The Espada are by far the strongest people in Argentum, and are feared just as such.

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Recruitment & Info.
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