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PostSubject: Gotterang   Gotterang Icon_minitimeMon Dec 03, 2007 6:53 pm

::Fires from heaven, waves from the sea, trembles from earth, wind from her home. His eyes watch as the world undergoes the change...his armor glowing white. His scarred face contorts with pleasure as hellspawn converge on the city where the slayer lives. He grasps the hilt of a pure white sword. He frowns as his eyes see beyond, where his sister stands beneath Contra Mundi. He raises his arm, from which a pulsation of pure power forces all his chaos away. Storms die down, chaos vanishes, the dead regain their lives, and Contra Mundi plummets from the sky. Below him, PuppetMaster is caught in a hellstorm of the light energy, in which Lucia is freed and fights for control once more. Cain, whose body slams on the stone, fights his own inner battle: Riva against Cain.::

"The end begins now."

::The man turns from the demons, vanishing in a swirl of white lights, leaving only a whisper.::

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